Scientific e-Resources

Scientific International Pvt. Ltd. established in 1993 has incorporated Scientific e-Resources, New Delhi in 2016. Our aim is to promote e-Information services across the higher education/Research/Corporate market in India and South Asia. With rich industry experience and a qualified professional team behind us, we take pride in delivering high-quality information products and services for local and global markets.

Catering to:

  1. Academic Libraries
  2. Corporate Libraries
  3. Government Libraries
  4. Health and Hospitals
  5. Public Libraries 
  6. Research Libraries
  7. Consortia/ large Govt. tenders
  8. Pharmaceutical Companies
  9. Individuals and Professionals

Most suited information aggregator for corporates

  • As a market research information aggregator we cater to corporate, consulting firms, academic institutions, government departments, agencies etc. 

  • We can help Corporates to identify opportunities, analyze requirements sector wise.

  • We provide a complete perspective on the current market scenario, trends, segments and future outlook and help them to improve ROI.

Scientific E-resources has a suite of offerings to assist every Corporate-big and small-with its information needs in the new environment.

Our offerings include, not limiting to e-content (eJournals/ eBooks/ Simulation Tools etc.)

  • Technological platforms

  • Training programs

  • Structured & personalized content

  • Other relevant tools which together cater to every requirement across the business cycle


Our Services to Publishers

 Marketing , Sales and Promotion services for:

  • E-books

  • Web based solutions

  • E-journals


Consortia and Large Customer Negotiations






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